An Industrial Standing Desk

Currently, I do almost all of my work on a laptop computer, and pretty much exclusively work at home or go to a coffee shop. At home, I do have a very nice chair, but it really is too much to sit all day, even in a chair like that.

So, I wanted a standing desk, with some extra shelving. Inspired by jwz and his industrial bookcase, I decided to put together my own, using galvanized steel pipe and Kee Klamp pipe fittings.

PartsThe parts list for the frame is:

I bought all the pipe and fittings from Simplified Building, who were generally awesome, even though all the parts and shipping for the frame were pretty expensive. If you're looking to save money by doing something like this yourself, you won't save any money by going the route I did.

Assembly was a breeze, and I was done in under an hour. I proceeded by first assembling the three shelves, by using two 2' pipes, two 1' pipes, and four 90° side outlet tees. I used a length of 1' pipe in the vertical of each tee while I was inserting the horizontal parts, so they would be fit in the correct spots. Then, I assembled each shelf onto the four 4' verticals, trying to keep all the shelves in the right spots. Then, add the flanges to the bottom for feet, and the two remaining 1' lengths and the single sockets on the top.

Frame IMGP1290
IMGP1293 IMGP1292

It's heavy. That much steel makes for a heavy, solid structure.

For the shelves, I got some ¾" birch plywood cut to the approximate size, and then cut away the corners, to make way for the pipe. The top one has a shelf that extends out a couple of inches, so that one has some real notches in the middle.

IMGP1296 IMGP1298

After cutting the shelves, I stained the middle one with an ebony wood stain, and finally coated all of them with polyurethane.

IMGP1299 IMGP1301