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BLOG is a command line program for maintaining a weblog or journal.

It runs anywhere that also runs the Bourne Again Shell, as well as
rsync, ssh or rsh, ispell, HTML Tidy, and the gamut of little *BSD
utilities. It therefore runs easiest on Unix-like platforms, such as
that Linux all the kids seem to be using these days.

The goal here is simplicity, with a smattering of efficiency and
security, all the while avoiding the general headache of CGI. You don't
have to email me if you do use it (but you can if you want), nor do you
have to put a link on your page to this one.

Things blog does NOT do:

   1. Require you to use someone else's server. If you have your own
      web site with shell access, you can publish a weblog without it
      being hosted at, or having to log into, a third-party's server.

   2. Use MySQL. There is, simply enough, no justification for using a
      relational database for a weblog. No matter how much you post to
      it, you will see no benefit.

   3. CGI. It was probably the stroke of genius that launched a thousand
      security holes: allow inexperienced users to host CGI scripts.

   4. HTML text areas for composing. What year is this? Why does anyone
      willfully subject themselves to this horror of GUI widgets any

   5. Proprietary software. You can use blog with nothing but free
      software, and there are NO RESTRICTIONS on use, commercial or not.