Voop is a video screen saver for Mac OS X. It searches your hard disk for Quicktime video files using Spotlight metadata, and plays random clips from videos it finds. It can be configured to play a random, short clip of each video, or play the entire video once.

Voop is alpha software, and is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

WARNING! This is alpha-quality software, and since it is a screen saver, it will steal your desktop away from you. If there’s a bug that prevents you from getting your desktop back, don’t blame me. You have been warned, so good luck.

The screen saver was compiled on Leopard, and may work on Tiger. The source code should compile on Tiger.

Questions or complaints can be sent to me.

Universal Screen Saver Binary
Zip Archive • Mac OS X 10.5 • 27Khttp://metastatic.org/source/Voop-1.0alpha3.saver.zip

XCode Project
Zip Archive • Xcode 2.4+ • GPL • 39Khttp://metastatic.org/source/Voop-src-1.0alpha3.zip